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Meditating in the Cemetery

“Silence is God’s one and only voice.” – Herman Melville

When I hear that quote I hear the voice of one of my greatest teachers, Dr Wayne W Dyer. It doesn’t play any other way in my mind. Having watched every special and read every book Wayne so graciously gifted this world, I can tell you with certainty it was one of his favorite lines to reflect on.

Most mornings,  a 4-6 mile walk starts my day. Often times I’m wheeling through emails from the day before, a podcast playing in the background, using the steady movement to ease into my workflow. Other times the need for silence prevails.

If you listen, your body, and your heart, will tell you when you need silence. You need only heed the call.

An off and on meditator and student of yoga for over 20 years now… yes… before these things were mainstream and “in”… I have Dr Dyer to thank for making those introductions. Despite knowing all of the benefits of meditation, it’s regular practice has remained elusive.

Too busy to take time out I’ll say to myself. Too busy not to, my soul quickly rejects. 

So for the last few weeks I’ve found myself walking to the Civil War era cemetery just outside of Uptown Charlotte.  It’s here that I’ve been able to find quiet. External and more importantly… internal.

Unlike sitting in a park…this has happened more and more recently… nobody bothers someone sitting peacefully with their eyes closed at a cemetery.

Ancient Sufis were known to regularly gather at graveyards to meditate. A clear reminder of the eternal reality behind life.

If you’re working through a problem, some external stressor, it’s hard not to be slapped in the face with perspective while walking among the headstones of those who have left us. Especially those that have left before their time.

So, for now anyway… this is where I sit. This is where I find the most peace. As morbid as that may seem on the surface.

Where do you find quiet?

PS: I was fortunate to be able to visit the grave of Mark Twain yesterday in Elmira, NY, cigar included. A post for another time.

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