A Florist Named April Flowers…

“You see, most of the time when people think the present could have been different than it is, it’s because they think the past was different than it was. Happily, the future can still be anything, when you surrender to the details.” – The Universe

We have a conference call with a florist named April Flowers….


Imagine my name was Builder Salesguyman. Your name dictates your destiny you know. Like The Assman on Seinfeld. A proctologist… if you missed that one…

It’s Tuesday. But it feels like a Monday.

We were away this weekend in NY for a wedding. Today was catch up and fire-putting-outing and site visits and more computer work than one mere mortal could hope to complete in a day.

Plus we have to make time for writing. Don’t we?

Every day.

Finally back home, I soon find myself plopped into the round sofa we gleefully wasted an entire Saturday last month in search of.

Thoughtfully dropped into the corner windows and adorned with fancy pillows that take up nearly all of the available sitting area. It really is a comfy perch. The view isn’t too shabby either.


But time we hath not for skyline inspiration. 

We have a conference call with a florist named April Flowers.

Leslie was maid of honor in the NY wedding this weekend. Time spent behind the scenes surely ramped up her anxiety around the planning of our nuptials. It’s more palpable since Saturday.

We’ve given ourselves just less than a year to pull the task…while also planning an 18 month, 49 state, Airstream tour honeymoon. No problem. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 4.32.58 PM

*The Beach in Lagos Portugal – Sept 2018

Centerpieces. DJ’s. String Quartets. Food Stations. Save the Dates. Invitations. Rain contingency plans. Guest lists. It really is an undertaking.

I offer help where I can, delicately crafted opinions where I must. 

Making your own list? Here is a handy Wedding To Do List

Gotta go… April Flowers is ringing in.

Time to surrender to the details…

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