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Today’s post is going to be useful. Tomorrow, however, I am going to take you on a ride.

Tune in mañana for the first installment of “A day in the life”. A two part mini series you surely don’t want to miss!

Sex. Murder. Mayhem. Romance for the streets….

Okay, it probably won’t really be all that exciting, but we have to build suspense… right?


And now for our regularly scheduled program. A quick how-to on changing your Facebook Page. Seems simple enough…but…now that its both automated and no human will ever look at it, it’s unnecessarily complex. Like many things in life. Sigh…

It all started with the change from EffThe24-7 to ChasingLess which you can read about here: Why

It’s also why I’m stuck in the middle with Chasing Effthe24-7. Double sigh…

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Simple enough right? We have @ChasingLess for Twitter and Instagram. @ChasingLess for the username for Facebook. The works.

The steps: Page —-> About —-> Page Name —-> Edit


I’m sorry. What?

You’ll receive a note that looks like this:

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Keep in mind that NOBODY ACTUALLY REVIEWS THIS… sorry for yelling.

An algorithm, a bot, a machine…determined that you were being misleading.

Ie: If your page was named “California Real Estate” but you wanted “Selling Homes in California” it would determine you were being misleading too. Garbage.

You can appeal it. But guess what? NOBODY WILL REVIEW THAT EITHER…apologies again, I can’t help myself.

So here is the workaround.


Let’s say you have a page named “Tony V’s Banana Hammocks”. But you want to change it to “Tony V’s Mustache Rides”. Misleading right? Maybe. But you see dollar signs on the horizon with your new business venture…and your marketing prowess tells you consistency is key! So by golly you’re going to make this happen. 

Here is the work around:

Page —-> About —-> Page Name —-> Edit

Tony V’s Banana Hammocks ——-> Tony V’s Banana Moustache Hammocks

Magically approved.

Wait 7 Days.

Tony V’s Banana Mustache Hammocks ——-> Tony V’s Banana Mustache Rides

Magically approved again.

Wait 7 Days.

Tony V’s Banana Mustache Rides ——-> Tony V’s Mustache Rides.

Approved. Easy as that.

I don’t know about you, but the promise of technology to make our lives easier and full of leisure…Jetsons style… has been anything but. This, of course, is just one  small example.

What seemingly simple things in your life have been made more difficult by technology?

Like the featured photo? Hop on over and grab yourself a few coasters here.  Note: I don’t make a nickel off this, just happen to think these guys are pretty awesome.

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