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Pick Up The Penny

This is not the post I had intended for today. In fact, I had worked…quiet hard actually… on a completely different piece.

Sometimes that’s life thought right? Redirect. Pivot.

Sometimes you have to take the signs that are put in front of you, as I wrote about here

This is simple, but I hope you enjoy it.

Just a few minutes ago I was walking across the parking lot from the grocery store to our building and came across a penny.

Like always, I picked it up and put it in my pocket.

At the same time, like always, I quietly said to myself, “thank you for this symbol of abundance that continues to flow into my life”.

This little phrase gets repeated every time I stumble across some rogue currency. The denomination doesn’t matter. I’ve run across hundreds, twenties, but mostly…pennies. Same phrase. Same spirit of thankfulness. Every time.

It’s a penny. I get it.

Pick up the penny.

100 people probably walked over that penny today. Sadly, at least some of those 100 people likely went on to complain, at some point, that they “don’t have enough” of (insert thing here) in their lives.

If you can’t be grateful for what you have, its unlikely the Universe will do your bidding to provide more. This goes for everything in your life, not just money.

Remember that what you have today, was probably a dream yesterday.

Be grateful for all of it. The challenging situations and especially the challenging people.

There is someone out there, right now, that is striving every day to rise to your position in the order of things, so that they may have the privilege of having those same challenges. 

Be grateful.

And pick up the penny…

See you on the journey.

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