Top 10 Posts of 2018

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It’s simply unbelievable that this year is over. What a ride 2018 has proven to be.

78 days ago I made a commitment to myself to show up here every day. To write something, every day, till the end of the year. And here we are. This little corner of the web has provided more than I could have ever imagined when starting out. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of your time here as well.

Wishing all of you an unparalleled 2019, please enjoy the top 10 posts, by readership, of 2018.

See you on the journey….

10. Men and Mental Health

9. Pick Up The Penny

8. I am going to die…

7. Less Everything…

6. 50 States – 18 Months – 1 Airstream Episode One: The Trip

5. Be Unfuckable With

4. 5 Signs You’re Ready For A Life Change

3. “Do what you love” …but what if it’s sex?

2. Real Artists Ship

1. What if my whole life has been wrong?

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