Did we move?

We awoke to a brutally cold, windy day today in New York. With a late flight booked, we stored our bags with the bellman at the hotel and hit the town.

Even with a subway ride from Midtown to Chelsea, and the Airtrain to JFK, we have managed over 20,000 steps by 6pm.

Isn’t there something about seeing a place on foot though, that can’t be replaced?

The sounds. The smells. The interactions with passers by. The visceral things that make a city come alive.

After 4 days of 20-30,000 steps a day, we are noticeably fatigued. Despite the fact that I regularly walk 6-7 miles a day, this feels different.

We are dragging a bit, both mentally and physically.

Here is an example: Leslie, after our shuttle bus at the terminal moved up from position 2 to position 1 in line to leave, popped out of her seat and asked the driver, “Is this B18?? (we were sitting at B53… and had only gone about 15 feet). She then turned to me and asked… “did we move?”.

No honey.

We are still laughing about it 30 minutes later.

It’s moments like that and weekends like these that further solidify our decision to take a “mid career break” soon. We are lapsing judgment and are tired now. How would we even survive days like this in 30 years? When society tells you it’s “ok” to begin traveling and seeing the world….if you’re fortunate enough to see that age.

We don’t want to see the world from a tour bus.

While I don’t know what my future self will say or be capable of…or if I’ll even make it that long…I’ll take a small wager that I’m more able now than I will be in 30 years.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Maybe this will be the worst decision we could make. But I fail to believe, regardless of the outcome, that we’ll regret it.

See you on the journey…

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