Food Photos + Writing = Free Dinner?

If you read my post yesterday: My Favorite Influencer Totally Made Me Do It , I mentioned that our building recently hosted a Yelp Elite party.

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Leslie has been telling me to start Yelping for about a year now. For many of the same reasons I didn’t start blogging right away, still don’t keep much of a private journal etc, I haven’t started. Sigh…

Admittedly, it’s looking more appealing.

Do I take pictures of all of my food? Yep.

I have roughly 20,000 photos on my iPhone at the moment, my guess is 60% or better are food photos that never see the light of day.

Do we eat out all the time? Yep.

At least 3-4 nights a week, for the last 20 or so years, all over the world.

Do I want free dinners now and again? Yep.

From what I can tell poking around online, once you hit an unknown number of high quality reviews, your “community manager” will reach out and see if you want to be a Yelp Elite. Then you’re in the “club”.

Do I want to meet other people that enjoy their life and love food? Yep.

This one is a no brainer too.

So what am I waiting for?

Plus, I think a lot of people just leave reviews on these sites when they have a less than stellar experience, and all the good stuff gets lost, so we’d be helping out local businesses too…assuming they do a bang up job of course.

So my question is… do any of you out there regularly Yelp? What has your experience been? Comment below or message me!

See you on the journey…

For fun.. here are the last 20 food photos on my phone, which barely took two weeks. Cheers!




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