Friday Roundup! 2/1/19

Welcome to the Friday Roundup this January 25, 2019!

A recurring weekly post to keep it light and short – the goal of any Friday.

Each week I’ll share the quote I’ve been pondering most, the book that has received the most reading time, my favorite photo of the week and whatever song I can’t seem to shake. There is always one… right?

Happy Friday Kids! Enjoy.


“Work like you don”t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. – Satchel Paige


Still working my way through Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, but pretty jazzed about the arrival of this one:

Will let one of the reviews take the lead here too:

“This is your wake-up call! You may not have even realized you were sleep-walking. Most of us are most of the time. Awareness is an eye-opener. It’s Anthony de Mello telling you gently but firmly, ‘It’s time to get up now.'” –Charles Osgood of “CBS Sunday Morning” and “The Osgood File”

Side note: I absolutely love CBS Sunday Morning. Anyone else? Those trumpets are good for the soul I think…


Easy one this week. It looks like we have a buyer for @LadyLolaMae the Airstream.

Sad. Yes.

On to bigger and better things. Yes.

Lot’s of memories in our first Airstream. But if we are going to pull off our 50 State Trip – some things need to change, you can read about that here.

For those who are new to the blog, Lady Lola Mae is named after my Grandma Lola who passed away last year. Her and my Grandpa Bernie’s Airstream was the first one I ever remember. So we dedicated this one to her and had the bomber girl…Grandpa is a retired Korea and WWII Marine…painted to her likeness by Brushcan Studios. They do some amazing work, check them out here: Brushcan Studios. 



Tomorrow I will be in Atlanta for Super Bowl festivities. Including a concert at Atlantic Station with Run the Jewels and my beloved Foo Fighters. So I have spent the week listening to Run the Jewels.

Concert psych up if you will…enjoy.

See you on the journey…

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