Friday Roundup! 2/15/19


Welcome to the Friday Roundup this February 15, 2019!

A recurring weekly post to keep it light and short – the goal of any Friday.

Each week I’ll share the quote I’ve been pondering most, the book that has received the most reading time, my favorite photo of the week and whatever song I can’t seem to shake. There is always one… right?

Happy Friday Kids! Enjoy.


“I always have parmigiano-reggiano, olive oil and pasta at home. When people get sick, they want chicken soup; I want spaghetti with parmesan cheese, olive oil and a bit of lemon zest. It makes me feel better every time.” – Isabella Rossellini

Though I may have been across 3 countries in the last 10 days, for the most part I’ve been in the bathroom. Some bad food took me down Sunday and I haven’t been right since. Tonight I had pizza for the 8th time since getting sick, it seems to be the one thing I can tolerate with success.


Still working my way through Awareness by Anthony de Melo. As I shared last week, it’s a slow, thought provoking, read. I wanted to share a paragraph from yesterday that stuck with me:

Say that you are afraid or desirous or anxious. When “I” does not identify with money, or name, or nationality, or persons, or friends or any quality, the “I” is never threatened. It can be very active, but it isn’t threatened. Think of anything that caused or is causing you pain or worry or anxiety. First, can you pick up the desire under that suffering? That theres something you desire very keenly or else you wouldn’t be suffering. What is that desire? Second, it isn’t simply a desire; there’s an identification there. You have somehow said to yourself, “The well being of ‘I’, almost the existence of ‘I’, is tied up with this desire.” All suffering is caused by my identifying myself with something, whether that something is within me or outside of me. 




Easy choice this week! Barry the sloth from our jungle quad tour of Bocas del Toro this week. Man I love these little guys. They never fail to disappoint.

Do you know why I nickname them all Barry? Fun Fact. Because of their name in Spanish: Perezoso – pair-e-zo-so. I started calling them all Barry Soso. Or…Barry.

Another fun fact. In prehistoric times, there were sloths as big as elephants. True story.




Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?

Donate it, sell it, or give it away….. see what I did there?

See you on the journey…

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