Annnnnnnd were back! Let’s catch up shall we?

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Do I believe this is true? Yes, of course….. but let’s catch up first.

Welcome back!!

What a long strange trip it’s been…

We just returned from a 10 country, 4 continent, globe trotting honeymoon…we literally circumnavigated the globe from east to west… but more on that later.

ChasingLess, amazingly, still gets many views per day, despite not writing for over a year.

This blog was a sanctuary for me, a place of great development, a look inside that… right wrong or indifferent… I chose to share with the world… with you.

For a variety of reasons, I put the pen…er keyboard… down for awhile.

But here we are connecting again… doesn’t it feel great!?

The quote above is part of a year long journaling challenge I’ve undertaken. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that journaling is something I had wished to start, every year, for 30 years now…but never did.

One of my favorite authors, Erin Loechner, who honestly was my inspiration for starting this blog, sent out a year long journaling challenge email. I signed up immediately. Just the kick in the pants I had needed. I consider Erin my coach in this area of my life… though she didn’t know that… until I reached out and shared some of my writing with her.

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Inspiring indeed!

So here we are… back in the saddle again…

Each week Erin shares something thought provoking… like the quote above… and the goal is to sit and write for 20 min… whatever comes to mind. No carefully curated phrases… no fancy well lit photos. Just a thought…and then your thoughts.

So each week I will share these here, and hopefully some more thoughts from the last year… we’ve been busy indeed.

See you on the journey…

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