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Perfect Plans

“Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” – John Donne

I’ve had this phrase tattooed on my person for close to 20 years now…and for good reason.

Greetings from London UK, where I’ve found myself at a lovely little cafe situated across from the marina near Tower Bridge. We are here for a few weeks as I further my professional coaching studies. Exciting stuff!

We arrived yesterday after nearly 24 hours of travel, crashed for a bit, made plans for a rooftop bar for sunset followed by some delicious Thai food. Perfect plan… 

Is it the wine?

After procuring a couple of time-to-get-ready bottles of wine from the bodega near the hotel… we poured a couple glasses and…like always…ended up in deep conversation. 

What started as a typical impromptu brain storming session…if you know me there are 50-ish ideas a day that need to leave this head, lest it explode… bounced from business to love to family dynamic to astrology and everywhere in between. Laughter…. tears… wide arrays of emotion.. all on a simple Wednesday night before dinner. 

What I’ve found in my partner, and what I wish for you reading this, is someone who not only understands your “language”, what drives you, what doesn’t… but someone who you look up to, someone you respect, someone you listen to intently. 

Nichole not only supports my dreams…she tackles the myriad “how’s” behind my big “why’s” with patience and grace and wisdom that far outpaces her years. 

I don’t take the advice of many. 

My own erratic drum has always been the beat I follow… and 41 years on… it’s served me extremely well…but I take advice from Nichole. 

We have a union unlike anything I’ve ever experienced personally or professionally. And while everyone thinks their relationship is “special”, I have to think I’ve stumbled… is there such a thing?… upon the perfect partner… and have such an immense feeling of gratitude every morning I wake by her side. 

My accomplishments in the last 18 months alone wouldn’t have been possible without her counsel…her love…her gentle prodding and cajoling and her fierce support of what she knows I’m capable of… even if that “thing” doesn’t fit everyone else’s box. 

Tell me about your box

I beg of you…

At the risk of mushily rambling on… I’ll end todays post asking… if not begging… you to seek out someone like this in your life…someone who embodies what it means for the sum to be greater than the parts…it’s true magic. 

We never did make it to the rooftop…

See you on the journey…

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