Assassinate Your Critics – Part 3 – Identify It


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Identify It 

If you can identify which critic is speaking to you at any given time… you’ll have a better chance at quickly shutting them down. Similar to knowing who you are playing in a sporting event. 

If you know the tricks of the other team. You win. 

Often times with my coaching clients we work towards giving these critics a voice and a name. It sounds silly… but it’s a very real method. 

In political terms think of it this way. The War On Terror vs The War Against Blusia (a fictional utopia where everyone is blue… I suppose) or whoever we are told to hate at that given time in history (worth a book all its own but I digress). 

Anyway… the war on Blusia is a real tangible thing. It can be won in theory. The war on terror is a concept. It’s by definition un-winable. 

The terror the critic holds in your mind is a concept. When you name the terror and give it a voice, it can be defeated. A whiny voice with dead eyes and no soul saying “who would hire you??” … you want your critic to have a face and a sound. So you can identify them when they arrive. 

Once identified, the next step is to try and figure out what exactly they are trying to protect you from. 

Very little in our modern lives are genuine risks. But that’s not always the case. 

For example: knowing you don’t have an actual skillset to complete a task vs. your inner voice telling you you aren’t good enough. 

If you’ve spent your life working spreadsheets… and suddenly feel the urge to be a crane operator… you may not have the actual technical skill to complete the job. 

“Anything you can do I can do better” doesn’t apply here… but we certainly appreciate Annie’s sentiment.

Knowing deep down you’re very good at what you do whether you’re a musician or an entrepreneur…but having a pesky voice telling you you’re a fool… is far different. Which leads us to…

Next time.

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