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Assassinate Your Critics – Part 4 – Write it down


Short one today… it is Friday after all. This is a series, so if you haven’t been along for the journey please start with Part 1 and it will take you on to the next post as you go.

Write it Down

Your confidence is like a table with no legs… over time as you become proficient at something… you add legs to the table. One leg?… she’s still a bit wobbly. Two legs? Getting better… With three legs we are pretty stable!

Eventually, there are so many legs under your table that it’s a solid immovable block of experience and…poof…you suddenly have confidence in that area. How about that?

What does this mean to you? 

Write it down…. 

If you’re identifying your inner critics you’ll eventually notice themes and trends. Specifically when it comes to the whipping boy. Every time you think of something that adds a leg to your table. Write it down… save it in notes on your phone or your journal. When your critic thinks it’s time for your whipping… and it will come… go back to your table legs and tell him to &$#@ off. 

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See you on the journey…

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