Who is this guy?

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

Hey Kids!!!

My name is Rodric, and I am a serial entrepreneur…sounds like an AA meeting right?…. Group: “Hi Rodric”.

My first “business” started at 8 years old, selling fruits and vegetables from our garden on the side of the road in front of our home… seriously ask my mom, she took a cut of the profits…

I have never looked back.

In the last 3 decades I’ve sold pizzas, knives, homes, cars, bikes and everything else you can imagine. At one point in college I was playing blackjack at Windsor Casino and competitive pool to pay for school. Concurrently, I developed a performance part for 4th gen VW’s and was importing T-6061 aluminum from a fella named Helmut in China…shipped to my moms garage… errrrrr…. production facility…I was 19.

To say I’ve lived a varied and full life would be an understatement. But there has always been one theme. Never working for “the man”, always plotting my own course, and always valuing free time and experience over net worth and “stuff”.

Being self employed all of these years, coupled with my passion for travel has allowed me to see a good part of this beautiful world we live in. 48 countries and counting, every MLB park, the World Series, the Superbowl… I’ve never regretted choosing experiences over things.

These days, I’m a Michigander living half my days between Charlotte, NC and the mountains of southern Virginia….and half time in wanderlust…

While I prefer not to classify someone by what they do, I “am” a coach, writer, woodworker, classic car enthusiast and so very much more…. if that seems like too much…you’re right…but I’m working on it.

These writings meander their way around my…sometimes futile…quest towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

An honest attempt to focus more squarely on what is important in my life. Travel. Experiencing other cultures. Time with my friends and family. The small things that…usually…end up being the big things after all.

Less stuff. Less obligation. Less worry. Less work.

Chasing less. One thing at a time.

*I would love to hear from you too. So shoot me a message or comment on a post. People helping people… thats what it’s all about right? Besides the hokey pokey….