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Last year readers from 57 countries stopped by... if it's your first time I'm sincerely glad you're reading this...you'll learn that I don't believe in coincidences...so welcome. I hope you stick around awhile...

An online journal that turned into so much more.

I've spent my life studying top performers in every area… learning from the best teachers and mentors of our lifetime. 


A literal world of experience later… I’m living a life I couldn’t have dreamed was possible. 

I'm New Here...

If it's your first time here...these were the most read posts of 2022.

My Favorites

Curious what my favorite posts are from the last 4 years? 

The Whole Enchilada

Want to dive right in and poke around? I like your style. 

Who Am I?

It's hard to put a life in a paragraph...but here are the highlights. In summary I am an entrepreneur with a travel and coffee problem that has dedicated his life to helping others extract the most from theirs. 

  • Rodric Lenhart
  • Countries: 48
  • Born: Michigan
  • Personal Development Coach - Author - All Around Nice Fella
  • Lives: Charlotte NC - Mountains of Virginia - Internationally
  • University of Toledo - Charleston Southern University - Brown University
  • Volunteer/Fundraiser - Multiple National and International Charities
  • 100% Of Book and Course Profits Donated To Charity:Water
  • Lifelong Entrepreneur: Built a handful of 7 figure businesses.

The Five Habits That Changed My Life

If you study most successful, happy people long enough... it filters down to a very simple list of habits.

These are mine.

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