That’s what I say in my head, nearly every day. Last year I made a resolution to write every day, at least something, and boy did I let myself down. Logging in just now, I see that my last post was from Jan 7 of last year. Ooof.

That’s not to say I don’t think about writing. I think about it every day, but like many good intentions, I just don’t do it. Days and nights come and go. The nagging feeling that I was “supposed” to do something sits there, weighing on me.

Do you ever get that feeling?

It’s been a really great year too. There would have been a number of things to write about. But alas… here we are

There is never enough time in the day. A recurring theme for a lot of folks I know. And that’s not even to say there isn’t time, but when you’re pulled in so many directions… at the end of a day, or even the beginning, sometimes your not-so-important-right-now goals/dream/aspirations take a back seat.


This has been floating around in my head now for some 20 years, but, like the resolution, just never happens. Sometimes it’s because I think alot of the cool $hit I’ve done is already in the past. All the baseball parks, the concerts, all the countries and continents, visited, the wonders of the world. Sure, the pictures are there, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to relive what I was FEELING at that time? A resounding YES rings in my brain.

So this is the first step. Every great journey starts with a single step, right?


I am making the commitment to writing something, anything, every day. It may just be a one liner, or it may be something like this. But, something… every day….

Another commitment is that these are no longer going to be well crafted, travel themed posts with pictures etc. Well, maybe some of them. There will be time for that. But for now just an online journal of sorts. Maybe nobody will want to read it. The ego side of me says, STOP, you need to write something interesting that people will WANT to read!! But really… who cares. I’m not writing for a particular audience anyway, right? At the end of the day, maybe these thoughts are something you can relate to in your life… maybe it will create enough fire in you to take your first step….

See you on the journey.


2 thoughts on “MAN, WHAT AN EPIC FAIL

  1. Katie Rubin says:

    Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.
    Jelaluddin Rumi

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