I don’t want to do it anymore…

“…quitting while you’re ahead, is not the same as quitting.” – Chinese General – American Gangster

I don’t want to do it any more.

How many times have you said that to yourself, maybe on a Monday, when the alarm goes off for another week of water cooler talk, and Deborah in reception.

Why do I always think of a receptionist as being named Deborah. Maybe this video from The Lonely Island – Like a Boss. Always makes me laugh.

The truth is… I don’t even know what that life is like. Office life.


  • Uptown Charlotte 10/16/18: I took this photo yesterday morning walking to the park. Pro Tip: wearing a backpack basically gives you full authority to take photos of anyone or anything without question. Become a tourist in your own city for a day. 

I had a solid, award-winning, run as a new home sales counselor for a Fortune 500 homebuilder in my 20’s, but even that wasn’t a “normal” office job. You know, the people who baby sit a garage for 36 hours a week and tour you around their little tacky piece of suburbia, trying to convince you that their ticky tacky is better than the competitors ticky tacky?

That was me.

And I was good at it. But it wasn’t a cubicle in an office building by any stretch. An hour long sales meeting on Monday’s was typically my only other contact with co-workers.

For everything else I’ve ever done I’ve been alone. Self motivated. Having to grind it out on my own. No boss to tell me it HAS to be done. Amazing right? Everyones dream… right?

I don’t want to do it any more.

And honestly, I don’t even know what “it” is. Just this. What I do know, is I will do anything, and I mean anything, to avoid having to wake up to an alarm and put a tie on. That, I can assure you, will never be this fella.

Right now I’m running three businesses that could be considered full time by most people. All housing related. But one segment… and usually one customer within that segment… (isn’t there always one?) just sucks the life out of me and everyone involved. To the point where there is little motivation to do anything else… like work on new business ideas.

How do you stay motivated when there is an energy vampire on the loose?

2 thoughts on “I don’t want to do it anymore…

  1. I remind myself how fortunate I am. That perhaps I can show the energy sucker a better way. I work hard, and treat people nicely. When I remember to!
    That’s how I make it through the day.

  2. Know that dealing with the energy vampire is just temporary (I hope?) and you love what you do enough to look past them. Be glad they are an exception!

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