People Are Good

If you are decluttering in an effort to Live More With Less, there is no doubt that you will end up moving some of your wares on one of the popular online platforms such as Craigslist or Letgo.

Having sold everything from iPhones to SUV’s online – the results have been varied at best.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part the experience has been good. But I have some stories to be sure.

A couple of years back I met two guys at a restaurant down the street. They were interested in purchasing two of my old iPhones. We were inside the restaurant when they grabbed them, ran out the door, across 5 lanes of traffic…one rolling across the hood of a car movie style no less… and took off down South Blvd. My friend and I gave chase…I’m surprisingly fast for a chunky fella… but they hopped into a getaway vehicle. Again, just like in a movie. It was nuts.

Later they were arrested and found to be “armed and dangerous”. In retrospect we probably shouldn’t have chased after them. We were just one in a series of almost 100 of these cases.

Today, the a completely opposite story unfolded…

Last week, I sold some old hot rod parts from the garage just to get them out of there. Decluttering remember? Less everything…remember?

This fella pulls up in a rusted old S-10 pickup, having just driven an hour or more from Lexington NC to Charlotte. After telling me to “put some long britches on”…it was cold, I was wearing shorts…we make a deal on the box of parts. He goes on to say that if he sells them for more money he’ll send me the difference in the mail “he’s just that kind of person”. 

I sold the box for $20. 


The next day I receive a text from him saying he sold the intakes alone for $200 and would like to send me my half. “I’ll play along” I thought, and gave him my address.

The money order arrived yesterday. 


Moral? There really are some amazing, kind hearted people in this world, and I’m reminded of that daily. This is just the latest example. 

Has something like this happened to you recently? Please share your story below. 

Enjoy your weekend kids! Time to pay this little surprise forward…

See you on the journey.


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