In Need of Perspective

Warning: Monday Rant – If you’re looking for a feel good story today. This isn’t it.

People tend to worry about things that are never going to happen. We know this. The person who won’t “risk” flying, yet will drive from New York to Florida. Driving is 10 times more likely, per mile, to kill you than flying.

I’ve spent nearly the entire day sitting in front of one of our job sites at the request of our customer, who is out of town. To be fair she warned us that her neighbor was crazy – something we always like to hear at the kickoff meeting for any remodel.

On the “ritzy” side of town, we are dealing with the crazy neighbor today. They seem to be more abundant in these areas. And while nobody can be sure, it must be the sheer amount of time on their hands that leads to overthinking. 

We are painting our customers home as we finish up a massive 18 month addition/remodel project. Watching the leaves fall gently down from the trees, there is zero breeze to speak of. We use professional painters… the same group we have used for over a decade. This isn’t the first time they’ve painted a home. Also, if god forbid there was some kind of issue or problem, we would take care of it.

This lady is BESIDE HERSELF that the white paint is going to drift over 16’ across the driveway and attach itself to her black shutters. But she won’t let us step foot on her property to cover anything – at her lawyers instruction or else she would be responsible if something made it past the plastic.

Take a minute and think about what I just said – this lady already called her lawyer to discuss our painting and the possibility of it getting on her shutters.

We did cover the white fence, so that no white paint accidentally makes it look better, at her request.

She has her husband on the roof throwing tarps over their gutters and the electrical service that comes into the house – genius. I’m talking the line set (wires) that come from the pole into the meter, there is a cover over it now, and it’s certainly something you want to be touching……..

Meanwhile, they only moved their $100K cars to the end of the driveway, for fear that someone may hit them while on the road…insert hands in the air emoji here. 

She is so worried about paint floating in her direction she is missing the things she should be worried about, namely:

  • Her husband falling off the roof.
  • Her husband getting electrocuted.
  • She herself having a heart attack from the high blood pressure associated with this level of worry and anxiety over a relatively minor “problem” that may never materialize.

People on the outside look at what we do in this business and say “man, that’s easy, you just redo houses and make money!”. Yeah. Right. It would be great, I agree, if no people were involved. If we didn’t have to ask daily that we all put our common sense caps on…

Building houses use to be my passion. I loved every minute of it.

But now, 90% of my time is spent explaining what I’m doing to either a homeowner or a nosy neighbor, instead of just doing it. Mostly because they “know” better, having watched their fair share of DIY shows on the tele. 

Can you imagine what doctors must go through every day? What stories do you have like this from your work?

She has been outside with her phone taking videos of our subs no less than 30 times today. That’s what they don’t show you on HGTV.

Remember P = P.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “In Need of Perspective

  1. I will never understand this type of person. Shame on her. How about some compassion and understanding from a neighbor while going through a stressful process.

    1. Rodric Lenhart says:

      I’ve found they never complain about the half million dollar remodel adding value when they go to sell their place….

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