Reconsider. Refuse.

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This thought provoking quote has been on my social media profile pages for years.

Take a moment to think about what it really means though.

I’ll wait…

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…and we’re back!

Work. Produce. Consume. Work. Produce. Consume.

It would seem that if we did less consuming, we would need less production and therefore less work, no?

My dad always said, “the best offense is a good defense.” He wasn’t just talking about sports.

Consume less. Spend less. Need less.

In the recycling and sustainability world the oft touted “3 R’s” of reduce, reuse and recycle could be slightly improved upon with a couple simple additions.



Before purchasing that shiny new thing that is going to make your life infinitely better…reconsider…then… maybe…refuse.

It’s tempting. I know. The people in the marketing ad of the day look exceedingly happy! Therefore it stands to reason that you will most certainly be equally as happy once you waltz down to the big box store and trade your dollars for another piece of cheap Chinese garbage.

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How has that worked out so far?

You aren’t trading dollars though. You’re trading time. The time it takes you to make those dollars. Time. The one thing we all get an equal amount of. Time. An exhaustible resource.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

It’s not a $1000 television, its 40 hours…and that’s if you earn about $35 an hour before taxes.

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Happy shopping!

See you on the journey. 

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