Who’s On Your Trolley?

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*Waiting for the famed “Tram 28”. September – 2018. Lisbon, Portugal

Yesterday, I found myself reminiscing about old times. Not necessarily being sentimental. More like notably rose colored glasses looking back at the past.

Yes…that is a better analogy.

Funny how it’s usually a Sunday/Monday that stirs these things up isn’t it?

Sunday Evening Blues anyone? <—- Three Tips for Beating Them Here!

Typically it’s when there is difficulty of some sort present. Usually revolving around work.

The thought of escape is hard to resist and pedals across the screen of my consciousness again and again.

And for good reason. Because escape I did.

For almost a year my world was filled with international travel and living a wholly different life from the one here in Charlotte. Different people. Different experiences. Different language.

Different everything.

So, I find myself thinking back on those times now, when things become challenging in the real world, and wondering what could be different. Drawn not to the individual people or the places…but drawn to the escape.

It’s not that this period of my life were better, or even healthy. My closest friends would argue they were neither – physically or emotionally. The feeling of being able to escape, however, leaves an indelible mark. Knowing it’s possible sets the tone. Earnestly planning to do it once again makes it ever more difficult to remain present. The smallest infraction of daily life causes ripples that should not be felt. They are. 

To be clear, there is nothing I would change about where I am now, or where I am headed. Of this, I am sure.

I also wouldn’t change anything about the past.

Simply, I try to appreciate the teachings of certain people, and recognize that they entered my life at the exact time I needed them… or they needed me.

There is a Buddhist proverb that reads, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This has been true throughout my life. Has it been true for you also?

Sometimes the teacher is in the form of an event or circumstance, most often however, it’s in the form of a person.

We learn from each and every individual in our lives if we are open to receiving the lesson.

Wayne Dyer always used the example of a trolley.

You are the conductor of your trolley car. People will hop on, people will hop off. Some people will be on the car with you forever. Some people will hop off and then, unexpectedly, hop back on again. But they always hop on and off exactly on queue.

Exactly when you needed them, and exactly when they needed you.

See you on the journey.

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