Busy Brains Award

Long day today….

We sold one of our rental properties, but had negotiated keeping the garage storage spaces for an extra month. So, while it closed today, and that’s exciting, it has also meant two days now of non-stop moving, sorting, donating and tossing.

The garages contain all of my automotive tools, woodworking tools, and a ton…possibly a literal ton… of keepsakes and memorabilia. Memories from old sports teams, school events, cards and Christmas gifts, signed baseballs and photos, a Walkman AND a Discman, Chuck Norris comics, a Sega Gamegear, the Nintendo… you name it.

These are all things that I certainly should have been allocating a weekend here and there to go through, but by way of procrastination, never did. Out of sight, out of mind right? This has made it more than just a move. Every item must be analyzed. Do I keep it, or just take a picture and toss it or give it away… I’ve been leaning on the latter. Mostly I’ve just been trying to follow my own advice, which I wrote about here.

The reality is, it’s hard. It’s not easy to give these things up. Perhaps someday I’ll regret not physically having some of these things in my life. Only time will tell. I will always have the photos however, so the memory can live on.

What I can tell you with certainty though, is that I can feel the weight being lifted from my soul with every full garbage can and every run to Goodwill. This is the last of my “stuff”. The final abyss that I had been too afraid to enter, for fear it may swallow me whole.

One particular finding has left me in awe. Unable to determine why I had completely removed the memory from my brain, yet exceedingly joyful that it’s recollection has been stirred once again.

Let’s talk about that tomorrow….

See you on the journey.




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