Just Be

Just be.

In the car…turn off the radio.

In the elevator…don’t look at the ground to avoid the others.

Just be.

In line at the supermarket…don’t reach for your phone.

Waiting for your table at the restaurant…look around.

Just be.

Going for a walk…just walk.

Sitting in your living room… just sit. No games. No books. No phone. No music.

Just be. 

Note: I am more guilty than most at failing at all of the above. But I recognize it, and am working to be better. Something that has helped me recently is to force myself to notice at least 10 things around me and make a mental note of them. The smell of the kitchen… the woman’s perfume next to me…the feel of the seat through my jeans…the sounds of the people…the music…the lighting…the way I am sitting and how it makes my spine feel…of course my breath…. and so much more. You can do this in any place, at any time and instantly feel more present. Try it.

See you on the journey…

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 7.47.48 PM
Me…just being…Egypt 2016



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