Off Topic Rant: The Standards of Politicians


Warning – Off Topic Rant:

Why is it that we hold politicians to such impossibly high standards? They must be so squeaky clean, so unbelievably boring, bland and so very unlike the very people they represent in order to be, and remain, elected, it’s no wonder they fail to meet expectations.

Then we, as a society, wonder why we end up with the crazy people we have in office.

We elect people who are so out of touch with reality that it’s all but impossible for them to actually represent the people.

Normal people.

People who made mistakes when they were younger. People who lived enough of an unsheltered life that they may have a “naughty photo” or two or have said something “offensive”.

That’s the guy or gal I want. The one who has lived a real world life. Has made real world mistakes, learned from them, and moved on.

Two questions….hopefully someone with more political knowledge than I can chime in.

First, why aren’t votes, in either the house or senate, anonymous?

Wouldn’t this prevent people from voting strictly along party lines or to appease lobbyists or interest groups? Wouldn’t this free them to vote their conscience?

I understand that the public voting system is so that we can hold our elected officials accountable. But do we? Wouldn’t we rather have honest votes without fear of repercussion?

Second, wasn’t political office intended to be a short term affair? You’re a farmer, you go to Washington to represent your people…the ones you are soon to return to… and after a couple years you’re back at the farm. You vote in favor of the “normal” people, because in a couple years, you’ll be “normal” again yourself.

Term limits anyone?

Off topic rant over. Thanks for stopping by!

See you on the journey…. pura vida.



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