Maybe yes…maybe no.

Yesterday, waiting in the airport in Miami, there were a number of extremely upset people around us. You could see couples arguing, others throwing their hands in the air at the gate agents, the tension was palpable.

And for good reason. American really dropped the ball. A direct 3.5 hour flight, had turned into a 1 stop 13 hour ordeal.

My partner was on the way back from filling her water bottle and as she approached I gave the most ridiculous wave imaginable… picture Forrest Gump waving from the shrimp boat…

I had raided the “refreshment cart” they were using to subdue the animals, and sat there, snacks in hand, waiving like a sugar filled child.

When she sat down I told her I wanted to be the happiest people in the airport.

In situations like these, that are out of your control, you often can’t determine the outcome – but you can determine how you react. And look, I complain with the best of them. I’m not a pro at this. Just a day prior I was losing my mind over the people in line at the border of Panama and Costa Rica. What I am getting better at however is recognizing when something simple like an attitude adjustment can be useful, which is progress.

It’s also helpful to remember that everything really does happen for a reason. Maybe the first plane would have skidded off the runway. Maybe if we had arrived on time, our Uber would have been sideswiped on the highway. Who knows. Maybe some fella across the terminal saw my silly animations, and decided to calm down and quit yelling at his wife, avoiding a blowout fight…resulting in saving their marriage. Do we ever know the answers to these things?

It all reminds me of the tale of the farmer whose prized horse ran away. I’m sure you’ve heard the story.

His neighbor, hearing the news, comes to give his condolences. “That’s terrible about your horse.” the neighbor says.

“Maybe yes, maybe no.” said the farmer.

The neighbor, perplexed, walks off.

The next day the horse returns with 5 other prized breeds following him.

The neighbor returns and says, “what good fortune for you!”

“Maybe yes, maybe no.” said the farmer.

Later that week, the famers son was thrown from one of the new horses, breaking his leg.

“How terrible, your son.” said the neighbor.

“Maybe yes, maybe no.” said the farmer.

The following week, the army comes through, recruiting all the able bodied young men to send off to war and the boy is spared.

“How wonderful for you.” said the neighbor.

“Maybe yes, maybe no.” said the farmer.

This story can go on and on forever. The point is, we never really know what is good or bad in our lives until much later on. Sometimes we will never know.

Gauge your reactions to these “good” or “bad” events accordingly.

Raid the snack bar and waive like Forrest.

See you on the journey…

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