A House For The Kids

In Texas for the weekend to visit some old friends, we packed a lot in to a few days.

The Stockyards, Fort Worth, Houston and Galveston. A whirlwind tour to be sure.


In Dallas on Friday we were able to connect for dinner at a great BBQ joint with my friend, her husband and their two uber-adorable daughters. The Texans really do know how to do brisket like no other… sorry North Carolina.


Catching up between bites and ooohs and ahhhs she mentioned her father had recently asked, “When are you getting a house for the kids?”. Her reply, which I agree wholeheartedly with was, “Why do we need a house to raise the girls? They are happy and healthy, we are happy and healthy, isn’t that all that we need?”.

Yes, my friend, that is all you need.

Why does dad want her to get a house “for the kids?”….

…to service Dad’s ego….period.

Has a little ring of college admissions scandal to it…doesn’t it?

Remember that a primary goal in your life should be to become independent of the good opinion of others…family included.

It’s hard enough to quell the siren song of your own ego in our keep-up-with-the-joneses-at-all-costs world. Don’t let the opinions of family members… especially when they are particularly self serving, as in this instance, take you off track.

Kudos to my friend for standing her ground and knowing what is truly important in life, and in the lives of her children… they are lucky to have her as their mother…. house or not.

See you on the journey…


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