I Got A Feeling

Yesterday, I had the privilege of working with five different clients throughout the day to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be. 

They couldn’t have been more different. 

Different genders and parts of the world, different ages and relationship and work statuses… the list goes on.  

An energizing and thought provoking day to be sure.

As we wound down each session, we worked together committing to goals to achieve before our next meeting. These commitments were every bit as varied as the people themselves, however, one thread wound it’s way through each. 

Focusing on the feeling…

How we feel, ultimately, is all that matters.

Why do we do anything at all? Why do you want that new home? The better relationship? To volunteer? The promotion? More money? A better body? 

Because you think it will make you feel good. Period. 

When setting our goals and commitments, focus on the feeling.

Nobody…really… wants to show up early if they are working on time management, nobody…really… wants to get on their bike at 6am in a cold spare room. But if you focus on how you will feel if you do… vs the task at hand… you’re halfway there. 

During my first couple years of college I worked part time at Pizza Hut… and managed to gain 30 lbs in the process…quadruple cheesy breadsticks anyone? Reaching a tipping point in my health… I picked up a book called Body for Life. Anybody remember that one? 

It worked.. I managed to lose about 45 lbs and was in the best shape of my life… but one thing I still remember vividly was Bill saying… “nothing tastes as good as fit feels.”. 

Focusing on the feeling… that’s why it worked. Hell… I still think about that phrase 20 years later every time I’m about to binge on some ice cream… talk about impactful! 

If you’re reading this, I feel (<—— see what I did there) privileged beyond measure to share my little part of the world with you. Thanks for coming by. 

See you on the journey….

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