Set Shitty Goals

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr. 

Recently… I was reading an article from another coach who was feeling some self imposed pressure. 

She had to write an article for Linked In to keep on pace with her social media calendar, however, writers block and just standard grade procrastination ensued. 

How she was finally able to get started, despite staring at the white screen of doom, was to set a goal for a…wait for it… “shitty first draft”. 


If you plan to write for the wastepaper basket… you can’t lose. 

Either you do exactly that and toss it, or you end up putting down something great. 

This could be applied to any time you’re having trouble taking those most difficult first steps couldn’t it?

I’m going to go for a shitty walk…or have a shitty workout.

That’s the goal.

If you end up having a great workout…well… great! If it ends up being shitty, you met your goal. You’ve already won the day. 

Anyone who has started anything, however, knows this is never the case. 

The first step is ALWAYS the hardest. 

Have you ever set out for a 5 minute walk and walked for only 5 minutes? 

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, right? 

I mean… if it was good enough to be Newton’s first law… it’s good enough for that task staring back at you from your reminders list.

Man Newton had some great flow…

Now go out there into the wild… set yourself some shitty goals…and click them off one by one… I have faith in you. 

See you on the journey…

PS- If you’ve never experienced the power of having a coach or even simply an accountability partner in your lifeemail me… I just might know a guy. 

Connecting the dots…
Success! Hope to see you soon!

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