F1 and Chicken Nuggets

That’s alot of nuggets!

Recently during a group chat discussion… Formula 1 anyone?… one of our friends purchased a decidedly wonderful piece of F1 memorabilia and shared it with us. 

The total came to something like $150… to which I immediately responded… that’s 750 nuggets!

“Huh?”…she said. 

You could buy 750 crispy, delicious, drive-through chicken nuggets for the cost of that piece of memorabilia. 

Seems silly… but that’s alot of nuggets!!! 

While said partially tongue in cheek… the comparison… and its value… remains. 

When examining a purchase… relatively speaking… more weight is given to the decision automatically. 

Nice dinner out? 500 nuggets. 

That weekend trip? 5000 nuggets. 

A car? A motorcycle? A trip around the world… the item doesn’t matter… the scale does. 

Enter Thoreau

The quote above has adorned my social media “walls” for as long as I can remember. And it has certainly shaped how I look at material purchases in my life for some twenty years now. 

Depending on your income level… examining how much life you exchange for material goods… can be a suitable “check and balance” if you find yourself struggling to save… struggling to get ahead… et al. 

For the sake of argument… let’s say you make $25 an hour. After taxes and such… assume you’re brining home 70% of that… so in one week… 40 hours of work (not including drive and get ready time mind you) you bring home $700. 

That new TV didn’t cost $1400… it cost TWO WEEKS OF YOUR LIFE…

You got up, went to work, worked 8 hours, drove home… did that for 10 days in a row… and have a TV to show for it. 

There is a reason casinos give you chips and not cash…

There is a reason consumer debt skyrocketed when people started using credit cards… it’s the disassociation between the actual money… and what it took to get it… and the piece of plastic you’re now accustomed to using for bartering. 

Is the (insert material good here) worth two, ten, twenty… weeks of your life? 


But do you know how many nuggets that is….. ?

See you on the journey. 

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