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Greetings and Merry Christmas from a tiny island off the coast of Thailand!

Nothing makes you appreciate 81 and sunny like logging into your weather app to see that it’s -14 degrees back home… amiright? But more on all that later…

Christmas… on Christmas Island

If you’re anything like me… you spend the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas gleefully unsubscribing each morning from email ads… likely from places you never knew existed.

Every year it’s 10-15 a day… for 30 days. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

One Click Unsubscribe. Confirm. Select All. Unsubscribe. Do you really want to unsubscribe? Hey that was 5 clicks….

It’s seductively satisfying isn’t it…. some kind of future organization and clutter free inbox bliss that woefully never seems to come… but thanks Jiffy Lube… for the well wishes.

The magic of the unsubscribe button and it’s gratification can also be applied to your life.

That evening routine that no longer serves you? Unsubscribe.

The people who don’t support you on your current path? Unsubscribe.

The habits… the places… the things.




It’s liberating. I promise.

Just promise me you won’t unsubscribe from this email… it’s going to be a big year for you and I (insert cheesy wink face here).

See you on the journey….

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