The Kids Should Sell The Damn Cookies

From a young age my mother encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit. She instilled in me that anything was possible if you were willing to a) just start b) put in the work and c) understand that failure isn’t losing…it’s the only path to winning. 

Every year the school would put on some type of drive… you know the ones… where your neighbors buy junk they don’t need or cookies they won’t eat because the cute kid down the street is knocking. 

But the kids don’t knock anymore….

Their parents generally just post on Facebook that its cookie time! And here is the link to your order.

I’ve had what most would consider a relatively successful life… for the most part at 42 I can do what I want… when I want… wherever I want.

I wear flip flops 90% of my days and haven’t set an alarm or had my phone off silent mode in years. 

It’s because I sold the cookies. 

Looking back now as I finish my first book… the lessons I learned “in the streets” were invaluable and no doubt still serve me to this day. 

Knowing you won’t get the sale unless you knock on the door. 

Learning to handle people saying no. 

Learning to talk to different types and ages and colors of people and get your point across. 

Seeing that the more work you put in… the more you get back. 

On….and on… and on. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Does any of this sound like the real world? 

In an era of 60th place trophies and endless screen time. A time of massive depression and anxiety in our youth…who at the ripe ages of 18 and 22 aren’t getting everything they want immediately… it would seem to me it wasn’t their fault. 

They didn’t sell the cookies….

See you on the journey. 

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