Building A Costa Rican Resort – Part One – Help Us Name This Place!

“If you build it, they will come.” – Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams

My dad and I made it to the Field of Dreams last year on a baseball road trip. My mission is to see every park before I am 40. 4 to go!!. Growing up a baseball player and having watched that movie probably 25 times, it was an experience I will never forget.


Greetings from the Copa Club lounge at SJO after a short, but extremely productive, trip to Costa Rica. In only 4 days I was able to view and purchase a used car…quite a task in itself as it turns out, and will be a future post all its own… meet with a new supplier for our Hobbit Huts…more on that below…make a trip out to our new property near the Arenal Volcano for photos, and begin prelim layouts of what will, eventually, be a yoga and meditation resort.

Side Note: we are currently brainstorming names for this place, and would love your opinion! If we end up using your name, I think a free one week stay at the property would be in order, don’t you? Looking for something that exudes peace, tranquility, relaxation. Like my good friend Shanna’s “Rancho Relaxo”, but different.  Comment below!

What’s to Come

The intent is for this process to become a series of posts all its own. A journal of sorts. Every day down here has been a learning experience beyond anything I could have imagined. Buying property here…this blasted car included…is nothing like the States. And there are many situations that can take you off course. Maybe someday you will move too, and can use some of this advice. But at a minimum you can come along and laugh… and cry… and throw things… with me. I’m really glad you’re here.

In the coming weeks I plan to cover topics such as:

  • Why Central America?
  • Why Costa Rica?
  • Why Nuevo Arenal?
  • Seriously, who would want to live next to an active volcano!?
  • Yeah, but I can’t just up and move!
  • Actually, you can.
  • Why a yoga and meditation resort?
  • Why Hobbit Huts?
  • Learning Spanish Quickly – For Pan Blanco’s.
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • Teaming with the right people…and more!! Order in the next 30 minutes and we will double your delivery of boring posts!

Here Is The New Pad!

So that is what is to come, I hope you’ll follow along!

In the meantime, here is a preview of the new digs in Costa Rica. The property is approx. 5 acres (20,000m2) and is covered with lush landscaping, walking trails and views of the water. The house is a small 2 bed, 2 bath. We plan to rent the house, as is, for the first year and then, January 1, begin construction on our first round of “hobbit huts”. The house will then become a common area for all to enjoy. Below are pics of the house, the grounds and some previews of the huts. Let us know what you think!

And don’t forget, we need a name, and you need a free week in paradise!

12 thoughts on “Building A Costa Rican Resort – Part One – Help Us Name This Place!

  1. Tori Younger says:

    My first thought on a name – Paraíso.

  2. Jennifer Newcomb says:

    Ruhe Retreat

    (Ruhe means quiet/peace in German)

    1. There is a German Bakery down the street from the property and a lot of German tourists!

    2. Beckey Lenhart says:

      I like jens name for resort

  3. Linn Heart Huts

  4. Thom Knowles says:

    Retiro del Sol

  5. Shanna O'Donnell says:

    The Serbian word merak is a wonderful little word that refers to a feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures. It is the pursuit of small, daily pleasures that all add up to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.

    I have a whole list of words like this that are simply too complex for direct translation. I love them because they are more than the sum of their letters.

  6. El Sol de la Soul

  7. Excited to see the transformation! Ananda Yoga Retreat, Ananda Tierra or Ananda Arenal are my suggestions 😊

  8. Cathy Mann says:

    How about Shangri-la? It’s a mystical harmonious valley; a happy land isolated from the outside world.

  9. Jessica Keegan says:

    Aislado Paz = Secluded Peace

    Terreno de Paz = Area of Peace

  10. Prakriti means essential nature in sankrit soooo

    Palcio de Prakriti

    Prakriti Palcio

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