Books, Bears and Early Voting

Excited to have arrived home a little early this afternoon after a day full of appointments, laptop and a book in my backpack, I hit the streets en route to my favorite park in Charlotte – Romare Bearden.

Sitting here, I can usually write for hours, so it’s the obvious first choice. Especially on days that inspiration may be lacking…along with energy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 4.15.03 PM*photo courtesy of Where Traveler

But today, it’s cold…53 degrees…and I have shorts on. Whoops! Time to change course.

Last night during my evening walk, I passed the county library. What an immense resource we have just down the street.  

Then it occurred to me I hadn’t been in probably 10 years.


What a shame. So a couple turns later, I found myself at the Uptown branch. 

With no drivers license (I didn’t have my wallet with me), I thought I would be out of luck. But, fortunately, I carry my passport with me in my backpack like any proper spur-of-the-moment international traveller should.

5 short minutes and a $47 lost book fine later (tough to say you returned it a decade later – they kindly said I can pay next time… no wallet remember?) I’m proud to display this shiny new library card.


Early voting was also available here, so knocked that out as well. Go Vote People!!


This little library card doesn’t just grant free access to a world of literature. It’s a firm step towards a minimalist lifestyle. Books, tools and keepsakes (art, photos, other memories), for me, have been the hardest items to remove.

If your beloved book collection gives you anxiety, this article from NoSideBar is a good place to start developing an action plan.

Sure, you could just get a Kindle, or read on your iPad. But isn’t there something about the smell of a book? The feel of the pages? The sense of accomplishment from actually turning the page… both in books and in life?

What items in your life are the hardest to get rid of?

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  1. Random, but that’s one of the best looking library cards I’ve seen!

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