$8 Worth of Happiness

Some things in life give back much more than they take. Dogs. Soda Water. Sausage biscuits and gravy. Balsa wood flying machines…to name a few.


Today, while the rest of Charlotte was tailgating for today’s Panthers vs. Baltimore Ravens NFL matchup we made breakfast, put together a plane procured from a charming little general store in the NC mountains months prior…and had an absolute blast.

Laughing like a 7 year old kid, and fascinating the other tots in the park, for close to an hour. $8 well spent.


All my hopes and dreams are riding on 80 careful winds of a double rubber band. Surely the shear power of this beast will either melt the propeller or blow the rudder to smithereens upon take off…right?

Wind up. Toss.

Smooth takeoff then a hard bank left.

Flight 75 dove ingloriously into a neighboring tree.

Fortunately the kids playing football in the park helped us retrieve our craft and we were off again.

Water rescues. Climbing trees. Unplanned stunt maneuvers. What more can you ask for out of a Sunday?


Sometimes it really is the little things that bring the most joy…most times now that I think about it.

What small things bring you the most happiness? That return far more than they take? Do you have the ingredients for a happy life?

Please comment below.

Here is a list of 50 simple pleasures that make life worth living…biscuits and balsa wood excluded.

3 thoughts on “$8 Worth of Happiness

  1. Julio Quinonez says:

    Golfing with good friends on a cool spring, or fall afternoon.

  2. Today you might not say I did much. I took my 90 and 92 year old parents to church, where the message inspired us all to face some tricky challenges together. Then I spent the afternoon with my son cleaning and tuning our bicycles. Tonight we watched some Netflix reruns of the good place with my daughter. Not a lot on $, but a lot of family. And it was all fantastic. It’s the time together that matters

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