50 States – 18 Months – 1 Airstream Episode One: The Trip


There it is.

The map.

Day 1. Step 1. Part 1.

The map.

Map Photo 50 States

Placed dutifully on the wall between the bathroom and hall, this little map will come to represent so much more.

The packaging said it’s removable…sigh. Having placed it slightly askew, and after attempting to reposition said map, the paint on the wall behind would beg to differ.

But, one day soon, the map will have to come down.



We are planning a 50 state road trip. Ok…49 plus a flight… if you want to be persnickety.

We have been fortunate enough to have visited many parts of the world and many of our beautiful United States. Over 50 countries between us, and 35 and 34 states, respectively. But the road is calling. We have decided to see ALL of these United States in one fell swoop. 

Which poses another question. What is considered a “visit” to a place?

I put this question to the inter-webs a few weeks back, and the answers varied. Some said just a meal in the place. Others said an overnight stay. We concluded that a “visit” is more than 24 hours in a place, not as part of an airport layover. Seems fair.

What would qualify as a true visit to a state/place/country for you?


Technically it can be done in 8 days. Just check out this website. Could you imagine? All lower 48 in 8 days? No thanks.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.04.36 PM

Fortunately, this trip isn’t about rushing through all 50 states at break neck speed. This trip is going to be a sabbatical. The purpose of which will be covered in posts-a-plenty to come.


There are several musts for the trip.


For us these will be:

– Lubec, Maine

– Key West, Florida

– San Diego, California

– Anchorage, Alaska…this one is more daunting than it seems. It’s over 2200 miles from Seattle to Anchorage. About the same as Seattle to Detroit…for perspective.


There are 58…if you were curious. And here is a great article about the most underrated of them all.

So, tell me, what would your musts be for a trip like this?

Let the planning begin.

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14 thoughts on “50 States – 18 Months – 1 Airstream Episode One: The Trip

  1. And the journey begins…

  2. savvygandme says:

    My must would be to let the road be the planner and let the journey just take me. To not have many “musts”. Then again…I’m just not a planner, too much can happen to screw up the plan. Lol

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