Why ChasingLess.com ?

You may have noticed the slow transition from Effthe24-7.com to ChasingLess.com

It didn’t come without some serious reflection.

Effthe247 came about at a time when my disdain around working for “the man” was at it’s peak. Note: we are far from off that mountain, but, it felt like it was time for a change…and here we are.

After much consideration, I realized chasing less is exactly what I’m doing. These writings are about my sometimes futile quest towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Less stuff. Less obligation. Less competition. Less keeping up with the Jones’s. Less work. Less worry. Less stress about trivial things. Less. Chasing less. One thing at a time.

Less of that “stuff” so I can have more of what I really want. Travel. Peace of mind. Experience. Time with friends and family.

A conflict you might say.

But the two went hand in hand. For the last 10-ish years I have spent most of my free time in cultures that placed very little value on material possessions. All of which are arguably happier than those of us here in the US. More time spent on connection. More time spent on family.

A pace of life I covered in this post: I Want My Country Back

But really this all started in 2008 when my life was forever changed. Some would have considered it devastating. I did. But I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

Want to know more? Stay tuned….

*Photo 2018 Grenada Spain – The Alhambra

4 thoughts on “Why ChasingLess.com ?

  1. Great photo! Less keeping up with the Jones’s! Amen to that!

  2. savvygandme says:

    Love the new site and the new name 🙂

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