They Come In Threes…

“The Universe is always speaking to us, sending us little messages. Causing coincidences and serendipities. Reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else…something more.” – Nancy Thayer

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You’ve likely heard that things come in threes. Good things, bad things…celebrity deaths.

Stories and sayings abound around this fabled number. “Third time lucky” and “Third times a charm” to name a few.

A simple google search around the meaning yielded over five million results.

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This morning I received an email from an author I’ve been following recently, Dr. Joe Dispenza. It was a link to a video course he’s teaching, but one paragraph from the email caught my attention. 

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My work for the last 10 years has had no shortage of fight or flight response and the feeling of always being “on call”. Dealing with large groups of people, at all hours of the day and night, from an enormous variety of backgrounds makes this unavoidable.

It’s this always on lifestyle that has driven the desire for an extended leave of absence. A sabbatical. A reset.  It’s finally in the works. 50 State Road Trip anyone?


Not an hour later, a friend forwarded me an email from a group I had never heard of prior: Creative Mornings. The article was titled Theme 72 : Restart

An couple excerpts read: “I need to disconnect. There’s too much noise in my head. I am burning out. I need space to rethink everything. I need a hard reset.” and “If you find yourself feeling like you’re on a treadmill with an invisible hand increasing the velocity, remind yourself: only you have the power to get off and recalibrate.”

During lengthy conversations around the topic of why we would take extended time away, the same phrase often passes my lips. Something to the effect of…”I don’t know what Part II is going to look like, but I know it won’t look like Part I, and I know I can’t see it clearly while I’m in the trenches.”

Do you ever feel that way? 

What I do know is that with a big enough why…any how is possible.


After meditation this morning, I opened my eyes to find this hawk not 10 feet away from me, calmly perched upon a tombstone. Having always been open to signs and symbols… I did not take this to be pure chance.

Remember that term above… coincidence?

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*Photo: Elmwood Cemetery – Charlotte NC – 11/1/18

The definition of coincide is two angles that fit together perfectly. Yet somehow we mortals have come to view it as meaning something that takes place purely by chance.

Do you disagree? As I do?

A hawk appearing in your dreams or, in my case, some ten feet away can symbolize many things. Hawks for centuries carried deep meaning and were revered by royalty and military leaders alike.

The website Universe of Symbolism has this to say, “Hawk as a sacred symbol may be appearing for you to guide you to a higher purpose at this time in your life, a purpose of sacred meaning for your soul. It is up to you to spend time alone and feel the currents of where you are being drawn. Pay close attention to the things that catch your particular attention or curiosity – it is in these things that a much deeper awareness can arise”.

Again, I don’t know what Part II is going to look like, but I know it won’t look like Part I.

Maybe my friend the hawk will help me to see more clearly…

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