That’s my bag baby!

Today we spent a full day hiking and taking in the fall color at the Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. Detailed write up to follow next week. This really is a magical place.

Per usual, I brought along my Osprey gear for the weekend. 18 months ago in this post, GET AROUND ON THE CHEAP!, I reviewed the purchase of the Farpoint 55 w/ Daypack. Since that post, these trusted companions have accompanied me on over 70 flight legs to many US and 16 international destinations including Central America, South America and Europe. Not to mention countless day and weekend trips. 

Note: this is my only luggage. I haven’t checked a bag in years, regardless of the destination or length of the trip.

Want to know what I pack when I travel?

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Happily, I still couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase. Way to go Osprey.


The day pack (left) has lived up to it’s name. I use it almost daily. Every hike, urban or otherwise, every motorcycle ride, it’s with me. A very minor complaint, if you could even call it that, would be the need for a little bit more “lift” off of your back to help sweat dry on long, sunny hikes or bike rides. To be honest, this is likely an issue with my proclivity to sweat profusely even on a cool fall day than the fault of the bag. 

Tips for Staying Hydrated

The larger trekking bag as I mentioned here is just a little large to be considered a carry-on, but I’ve never been called out on it.

This bag has handled abuse really well. Despite be crammed full of gear so tight it looked ready to pop, tossed in the back of cars and trucks and trailers and planes – it’s offered no complaint. The edges of the semi rigid frame are starting to show a little wear, but very little at that.

Perhaps a little Rhino tape on just the edges to prevent any further wear is all it needs, but even that appears to be optional and preventative maintenance. 

Long and short, if you are looking to purchase a high quality bag set for hiking or just general travel, I highly recommend both Osprey as a company and this particular set.

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