Left, Right, Left, Right

Ambergris Caye Belize
*photo – Ambergris Caye, Belize – Jan 2017

Yesterday I kind of “mailed one in”. We had just landed back in Charlotte after a weekend away visiting family for the holiday, so I opted for a short post, a link to a previous, more in depth piece and a cute picture. Honestly…who doesn’t love a baby sloth? 

The funny thing is…people noticed. 

A few messages came in asking why the post was so short. Why…”the content I’ve become accustomed to wasn’t there”…and so on.

Look, it’s not like a million subscribers read these words. Maybe someday…maybe never. But just as I wrote in Kardashians, Sharing and Suicide, if these musings touch even one person out there in the ether, it was all worth it.

That anyone at all would take the time to send in a message about the content of this blog means it was worth it.

It’s not easy to write every day. Some days it just flows and flows and flows. Hours pass and I break apart what ends up on the page into 2 or 3 other future topics…nobody wants to read War and Peace every time, right?

Other days, its a struggle.

But the promise I made myself to write something, anything, every day…to ship… still remains.  

My Grandpa, a retired WWII and Korea Marine Veteran lost his wife of 70+ years in early 2018…my Grandma Lola of whom @LadyLolaMae is named. Shortly after her passing I paid a visit to Florida to spend some time with him. Asking how he was doing he said, “left, right, left, right…one foot in front of the other, what else are you going to do?”.

Isn’t that true for most things in life?

Sometimes the routine is the reward.

When I was a child of maybe 8 or 9, I used to write short stories. I used to write poetry. I used to create art of all kinds. For twenty five years that went missing. Where it went, I can’t tell you. Maybe being an entrepreneur has been my most recent art. Who knows.

What I do know is that putting these words down every day has provided me with a clarity I haven’t had in years. My sleep is better. My reactions to the world around me are better. My perspective on what’s really important in this short life has expanded. And maybe, just maybe, you have taken something away too.

So I’ll keep putting it out there.

Left, right, left, right.

See you on the journey.

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