Be Unfuckable With

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Be unfuckable with.

It’s understood that this may or may not be a word. When describing to a friend recently some traits that I am working on in my own life, she said, “so in other words, be unfuckable with?”.

Yeah…. I suppose that encompasses the highlights.

A great teacher in my life, Abraham Maslow, counseled that you should be “independent of the good opinion of others” if you’re on the path to self actualization.

The good opinion of others. Sit with that for a moment…I’ll wait. 

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This advice reminds me of a tale I heard awhile back.

There is a man and his son taking their only donkey in to market.

The son, feeling bad that his father has to walk all this way, offers to have him ride the donkey.

A passerby mumbles, “how cruel, that father making his son walk while he rides”.

So they switch. The father walks, allowing his son to ride.

The next passerby mumbles, “what kind of son makes his elderly father walk while he rides a donkey to town?”.

Taking this message to heart, they both hop on the donkey for the remainder of the trip.

Arriving in town, a passerby mumbles, “how cruel, these two riding this poor donkey all the way into town instead of walking”.

The point being, obviously, there is always going to be someone that has a problem with what you’re doing.


*No donkeys were ridden, but I still love this photo. Me – Santorini, Greece – Sep 2016

Do it anyway.

Listen to your own voice, follow your own calling, honor it in you and honor it in those you love.

You’re going to rub some people the wrong way, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you are fulfilling your destiny….and have encouraged others to do the same.

People will sense this peace within you. An air of “unfuckableness” if you will….

See you on the journey.

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    1. Rodric Lenhart says:

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. savvygandme says:

    I’m putting a bubble of unfuckableness around me right fuckin now! Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Rodric Lenhart says:

      You’re welcome! Stay UnFAble

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