Money Can’t Buy….

Me: Hey Kids! It’s audience participation time!

Group: Yay!!!

Every day I show up here, writing, writing, writing. 55 days in a row in fact…

Most days at least a handful of you comment, private message, or email and it’s unequivocally the best part of doing this. The engagement. The discussion.

So today is an easy one.

Please comment below on how you feel about this statement:

Money doesn’t buy happiness.


See you on the journey (and below…hopefully).

2 thoughts on “Money Can’t Buy….

  1. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. I think however nothing is wrong with having money, if you have a job that pays well and you can afford to go to a yoga retreat in the Swiss Alps…. Then great for you! To me the problem arises when you become to absorbed with having money, it is all you care about. You cannot allow your money (whether you have a lot or you don’t) define you and or your self worth or your happiness. You can be perfectly happy having a yoga retreat in your living room! 🤗

  2. I agree with Celly. Money can buy temporary happiness. Money buys comfort.
    Money buys opportunities, like the yoga retreat. Money is necessary! To strive purely for the accumulation of money, is a never a way to find happiness.

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