25 Hour Snow Day

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Bill Watterson

It was a “snow day” here in Charlotte. They were predicting somewhere between 0 and 85 inches. About 2″ seems to be what was enough to shut the city down.

Per usual, we planned a variety of activities for the day:

– organize the closet

– cook 12 meals

– handle a weeks worth of to-do list

– watch a movie

– put some puzzles together

– read

– write

– nap

– catch up on TV shows

– etc etc etc

Why is it that a snow day some how makes you feel as if you have more hours in the day than any other normal day?

Am I the only one this is true for?

We put together a crock pot of chili then swiftly headed to the bar to watch the Panthers lose… sigh. 5 hours later, we still aren’t home.

*Oliver living his best life – The Union – Charlotte NC – Dec 2018

Yet, in my mind, we had at least 25 hours in this day. Maybe 45 based on the calendar of activities.

Someday I’ll figure out why this happens. Every time. For 30+ years. But until then… cheers!

See you on the journey.

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