An Exceedingly Rare Gift


“It’s funny. We meet hundreds of people. We stop to remember them sometimes and they’re so far away and we’re not a part of them anymore. Makes you realize how important it is to be a part of someone. And stay that way with them. And we have visions of going out into the open world and treating it as our oyster… but it takes a small, mindful moment to make us realize that doesn’t really mean anything when you don’t have someone to call home.” ― C. JoyBell C.

An idle Wednesday, I had wanted to go to a local music hall for a concert, she wanted to stay in. We settled on the wine tasting our building puts on each Wednesday. Kind of out, kind of in, free, perfect.

Starting at 7, which is Jeopardy time, we had agreed to “grab a glass or two and head back”.


Dinner was prepped and ready for cooking, and up to the 19th floor we ventured for our free vino.

We were greeted not only by an actual host and a full spread of charcuterie…it’s normally just the concierge tossing a few bottles and a cheese plate out…but by a bubbly soul who we’ve seen around the building on more than one occasion previously.

A huge smile and a hearty, “Hello! Come sit down!”

She is one of those captivating personalities that could be talking about accounting or chewing gum and you would be fixated.

We talked about work. About relationships. About her new love. Moving across the city and across the country. Travel. Experience. Life.

Before long, an hour had passed.

I hadn’t retrieved my phone from my pocket once.

We all exchanged numbers and vowed to meet up again…perhaps for dinner one evening.

It’s these types of experiences which have become exceedingly more rare in our go, go, go society. Where we are more likely to sit home and scroll…instead of venturing out into the wild.

Listen, I’m as guilty as the next…maybe even more so… of being enveloped in phone land. Often blaming my 24 hour work schedule…which is not a falsehood… but also should not provide an acceptable excuse for not being present.

What a nice, unexpected treat. The gift of genuine human connection, found just a couple floors away.

See you on the journey…


2 thoughts on “An Exceedingly Rare Gift

  1. People were so connected when I was a kid. Front porches were actually used, kids playing, riding bikes, adults visiting on the porch or yelling across the street or yard. Weekly horseshoe tournaments in our yard, daily casual games. Kids staying at each others houses, adults playing cards laughing and carrying on. Some awesome gardens, neighbors sharing baked goods. A lot of beer being consumed by adults and a lot of Fawn soda by the kids. Pickup baseball, football and basketball games. Block tag, hide and go seek and walking on stilts! Oh what a simpler time.

    1. Rodric Lenhart says:

      So true. I feel as though our parents said the same thing. Maybe every generation does. But this can’t be the same. Not anymore.

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