The Cookie Jar

“That’s one reason I created the Cookie Jar. We must create a system that constantly reminds us who the fuck we are when we are at our best, because life is not going to pick us up when we fall. There will be forks in the road, knives in your fucking back, mountains to climb, and we are only capable of living up to the image we create for ourselves. Prepare yourself!” – David Goggins  from his book Can’t Hurt Me.

The Cookie Jar, a container of accomplishments kept in Goggins’ mind, is pulled from when the going gets tough.

Brilliant concept that we all could use… whether running a 100 mile ultra marathon with 3 days training… or in the workplace.

See you on the journey…


2 thoughts on “The Cookie Jar

    1. Rodric Lenhart says:

      Short but sweet. Something about that line struck me and felt it was worth sharing. This is a GREAT book. Highly recommended read.

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