Tell Me About Your Box

The world we live in is designed to put us into boxes… albeit very comfortable ones.

Choosing to create a fulfilling life, your fulfilling life, not the one your parents or partner or preacher laid out for you… is a choice to leave your box.

This contrast… this ripple in the calm water of a society taught their entire lives to think otherwise…easily ruffles the feathers of those living the status quo.

That’s when the saboteur steps in…

The saboteur – that little voice you hear when you’re testing the waters outside of your box.

You dip your toe in…”out there”… and something tells you that, just maybe, this is exactly where you need to be…

That voice will…ever so quietly say… who are you to think you can do that… be that… want that?

Who are you to go against the grain? What makes you so special anyway?

When you hear that voice… and we all do… it’s at that exact moment you know you’re on the right path…your path.

See you on the journey…

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