100 Tacos With My Pastor

Well kids, we made it. This is it.

100 posts in a row.

What is it about a completely meaningless number that feels so good?

There is, arguably, absolutely no difference between 99 or 100 or 101 or any other number. It’s not a special day. It’s a standard Tuesday, plopped into a standard work week. But today is special. Because today marks 100 posts in a row.

Anyone who has witnessed that, on some days, the writing almost doesn’t happen has wondered aloud, “what if you just missed a day?”.

While I’m sure that day will come, my sincere hope is that it’s for a great reason. Not that I forgot. Or that a customer had me all riled up and focused on literally anything but the present and my commitment to this little corner of the world.

The day I miss a post should be epic. It should be because I’m in some far flung corner of the world, and have been without access to “the outside”, for more than 24 hours. Or because I’m so entrenched in what I’m doing, and having such a ludicrously good time, that it shifts its level of priority, even for a day. That would be acceptable.

In honor of post 100, I will leave you with the following 10 links to 100 tips of various kinds. Maybe you’ll find one of these one thousand tips useful.

See you on the journey…

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PS: I don’t have a pastor, and we didn’t have 100 tacos together. 6 tacos were eaten tonight by myself and my good buddy West. He off handedly mentioned that’s what I should name todays blog, so….  Cheers Oeste!!!

3 thoughts on “100 Tacos With My Pastor

  1. Katie Rubin says:

    Congratulations! You are officially in’ the writing life’
    Write on!

    1. Rodric Lenhart says:

      Does this mean I’ve made it? 🙂

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