The Streak

Happy Monday Kids. Today was a doozie. Hopefully you fared better out there. Does this movie, and particularly this clip, ever get old?


Rough day indeed, but, alas, here we are together.

If I’m being honest with myself, and you, part of the reason I continue to show up every day… part of the reason I continue to ship, is because of one thing.

The streak.

What is it, psychologically, about a streak that keeps us in the game? The same experience proved useful when I was learning Spanish a couple years back. Using Duolingo to keep my vocabulary in check, the daily streak was something I just couldn’t bare to break. And it worked. Hundreds of days in a row I earned my little XP points for completing my exercises.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 6.56.56 PM

My original goal you may remember was to write, every day, until the new year. Yet, 21 days after the ball dropped, and… 98??… days of continuous writing…here I am.

Some days are better than others, to be sure. However, every day this possibly futile little exercise remains therapeutic and pays dividends far outweighing its cost in time or energy.

What streaks have you been on recently? How did using them propel you forward? Drop me an email or comment below.

See you on the journey…maybe.




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