Hot Sex

“Sex sells, but doesn’t work so well as a strong-arm tactic. Give me your purse or I’ll make out with you so hard.” – Dov Davidoff

If you swung by yesterday and caught my hundredth daily post in a row you may have noticed a little trick was played.

In closing the post, I linked to 10 different articles that listed 100 tips each. Innocuous enough, right?

The second in the series was titled, “100 Hot Sex Tips”.

By a margin of 7 to 1, it was the most clicked link of the 10.

Happiness? No.

Saving money? No way.

Marriage tips?? Who needs ’em!

The only problem is, it was a plant. It’s not a real page. Well… it is a real page…but my page, and looked like this:

Not entirely different was my post, Do What You Love, But What If It’s Sex, which took the number 3 a slot in the Top 10 Posts of 2018.

Far from my most insightful, thought provoking writing to be sure, but there it sits in the top 3.

We all say we want less sex and violence on TV. Less blood and heartache in our news feeds. But what do we click on? What sells?

By and large, if we refrained from entertaining these outlets, their advertising dollars would dwindle and they would capitalistically make their exit into oblivion.

But they don’t. Because we want it. We feed the machine. We are given in return exactly what we have asked for.

Similar to life, no?

See you on the journey….

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2 thoughts on “Hot Sex

  1. That was pretty slick Roddy.
    I actually clicked on two other links first.
    I wonder if it’s because I’m old and less, shall we say, interested(not). Or that I am very knowledgeable in how to please my partner and did not need to peak at ideas?..hmmm
    Keep the blogs blogging!!

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